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Breast Enlargement

Help your clients ENJOY BIGGER BREASTS with the power of hypnosis.

Combining visualization and NLP, this hypnosis session helps clients realize the full potential of their feminine bodies!

Just follow the script to help the client access the subconscious mind, reprogramming their thoughts to help stimulate the growth hormones and estrogen that deposits fat in the breast region.

This script ensures clients will be able to increase their breast size from the inside out, without the need for expensive surgical procedures or implants.

Let your business thrive with this terrific session ? and give your clients the beautiful, bounteous bosom they?ve always wanted!

Approximate time required for entire session: 4 x 50 minute sessions.

Buy therapist license for $39.95!
Therapist license allows you to use the script in client one-to-one situations

Buy audio license for $199.95!
Audio license allows you to record the scripts and distribute less than 5,000 copies



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